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1.Regional description

Erongo is found on the west coast of Namibia.This region is divided into two circuit offices (Omaruru & Swakopmund circuits) and ten clusters, five in each circuit. In Erongo, there are close to 60 government schools that the RACE office is working with. The main responsibilities of our RACE office are to implement ministerial HIV and AIDS programs by monitoring the HIV/AIDS activities in the schools, provide training for teachers and regional staff in HIV related fields, and acting as a liaison between the national HIV/AIDS Management Unit and the schools.

RACE -Erongo works closely with other line ministries through RACOC and DAC(District AIDS Committee).This office is also part of the RACOC sub committee, IEC committee which is responsible for producing IEC materials that are often used in schools & during social mobilisation campaigns of HIV/AIDS. We are also fortunate to work with NGO's such as Ombetja ye Hinga(OYO) and Medicos Delmuindo (MDM).The RACE office is currently manned by the RACE coordinator, Ms. J.Mamili-Mbangu and the NUNV, Ms. L. Petrus.

The RACE committee consists of the following members:

Names of race members Position Telephone numbers e-mail address
Ms. J.Mamili-Mbangu Race Coordinator/Chair 064-415455/0813294626 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ms. L.Petrus Race-NUNV 064-415455/
Mr. Gawaseb Financial Advisor 0644105000
Ms. katjitae Principal social worker
Ms. G.Profiio MFMC coordinator 0644105000
Ms.H.Asino DLO-Walvis bay
Mr. Vanwyk School principal
Ms. Garises Circuit Inspector-Swakopmund 064415450
Ms. Steenkamp Circuit Inspector-Omaruru
Ms. Vanwyk Regional School Counselor 0644105000
Mr. Herman Youth Officer-Usakos
Ms. Kuhanga School Principal
Mr. M.Jacobs Deputy Director 0644105000 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2. Programmes

Programmes such as Window of Hope and My Future is My Choice are fully implemented in all government schools. HIV/AIDS clubs are also established in some schools, our aim is to establish these clubs in all schools. The Window of Hope program was implemented in schools in 2004. This program is written specifically for Namibia and the situation in which it finds itself with regards to HIV/AIDS. It is designed as a four-year after-school program that meets once a week. There is a Junior Window and a Senior Window. The Jr. Window is for grades 4 and 5 while the Senior. Window is for grades 6 and 7. The topics covered range from building the childrens' self esteem and confidence, being assertive, choosing good friends and eventually HIV/AIDS. The topics are very relevant for the children of this age and build upon each other to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to educating the youth of Namibia.

Both the senor & Jr. Window has already been implemented in the primary schools with grades 4 to 7.This program uses a variety of activities to reinforce the message of each session. The children listen to stories, play games, sing songs, do acting and artwork that all ties into the main message for that particular session. Since it is designed for children of this age, it has proven a very effective method for educating the children about themselves and also about HIV/AIDS.

So far 44 teachers has been trained as facilitators and training of more facilitators is ongoing since our region is planning to intergrate this program on the school time-table as from 2008.Some schools are already doing this and have far better results than schools that do it as an afternoon session. In some schools, where there is a shortage of facilitators, the Multi-purpose centre staff helps with facilitating W.O.H sessions. The Multi-purpose centre is also involved in training learners as peer educators & peer counsellors as well as conducting HIV/AIDS sessions with teachers.

The My Future if My Choice (MFMC) program is designed for 15-18 year old school children. The MFMC program is currently handled by the Regional school counselor, Ms. Vanwyk and will be moved under RACE supervision at the beginning of 2008. . MFMC program uses out of school youth as facilitators for the school children. There are currently 13 MFMC facilitators in the whole region. This program consists of 10 after-school sessions all related to the topics of HIV/AIDS and sexual health.

The RACE COMMITTEE has recently decided to have HIV/AIDS programs at the Regional office for Regional office staff. This program will take place every last friday of every month as part of the HIV/AIDS workplace program.
3. Events

Every year in June, the RACE office joins other regions in celebrating the National HIV/AIDS Awareness Week for the Ministry of Education. The aim is to teach students, teachers, parents and regional staff how to limit the spread of HIV. It is a week long celebration that brings awareness and education to the community. The RACE office is also involved in organizing the World AIDS day celebrations.
4.Contact Details

The RACE office is located in the Swakopmund Teacher Resource Centre at:
4 Ludwig Koch St.
Phone: 064-415-455
Fax: 064-415-451.
e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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