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Overview of Karas Region
Circuits: 3 (Kalahari, Garieb, and Namib)
Schools: 46 (Secondary Schools)
Clusters: 9 (Bethanien, Luderitz, Karasburg Secondary, Karasburg Primary, Noordoewer, Berseba, Keetmanshoop Secondary, Keetmanshoop Primary, and Tses

Vision of RACE
The Karas Regional Office, in line with Ministerial Policies, envisage an integrated and coordinated approach to learning, teaching and managing in which:

  • learners have access to knowledge and life skills required to assert their rights to make informed, value-based decisions and participate in the joint planning, monitoring and communications of HIV/AIDS programmes.
  • schools provide an accessible, safe and conducive learning environment free of stigma and discrimination, in which a legislated code of conduct guarantees a culture and gender-sensitive education.
  • Teachers who are positive role-models, are trained and equipped to integrate Sexual Health, and HIV/AIDS issues.
  • Parents and caregivers of learners and students are informed that life skills, sexual health, HIV/AIDS prevention, education,
  • and made aware of their role in sexuality and sexual health educators at home.

RACE Members:

A.J. Mungunda
Director of Education
Ms. E. Hyman RACE Coordinator Ms. C.A.Mostert, Regional Education Officer
Ms. M.M. Smith, School Councillor Ms. C. Maasdorp, Assistant School Councillor
Ms. J. Magerman, Senior Education Officer Mr. G. Durand, Libraries Ms. C. Snyman, Inspector: Gariep Mr. R.J. Isaacs, Inspector: Namib
Ms. P.F. Kanases, GSM Mr. A.R. Van Neel, Education Officer Mr. J. Hyman, Education Officer Fr. R.G. April, Education Officer

Ms. M. Maas
Education Officer

Ms. J. Claasen
Adult Education

Mr. J.R. Galand
Education Officer

Mr. J. Mostert
TRC Manager

RACE Structure:

Chairperson Mrs. E. Hyman - RACE Coordinator
Vice Chairperson Fr R.G. April
AIDS Activity Ms. E. Hyman
Ms. J. Magerman
Ms. M. Minnaar
Ms. M. Maas
Window of Hope Fr. R. April
Mr. J. Hyman
Mr. J. Galand
Ms. C. Snyman
MFMC Mr. R.J. Isaacs
Mr. A. van Neel
Ms. M. Smit
Finance Ms. E. Hyman
Ms. M. Smit
Ms. P.F. Kanases


MFMC:This programme focuses on the protection of young people from getting infected with HIV and STIs.

WOH: An HIV/AIDS life-skill programme aiming at behavioural change for Grades 4-7 primary learners age 9-14 years.

AIDS Clubs: They exist to fill the gap in AIDS education provided by the schools.

AIDS Awareness Week (June)
World AIDS Day (1 December)
Fairs, like the Edufair launched by the Advisory Services Department aiming at giving AIDS awareness.
Day of Namibian Child (16 June)

Organisations RACE liaise with:

Organisation Contact Person Tel. No.
Catholic Aids Action Mrs. I. Eiseb (063) 223436
Multi-Purpose Centre Ms. H. Mungunda (063) 222884
People in Need
[Income generating project
for people living with HIV/AIDS
Wake Centre (063) 222222
Coordinate Activities of all Regional
Mr. Dawood Thomas (063) 222068
Lironga Eparu
[Providing speakers who are living
Mr. Otto (063) 222068
Condom social marketing and
sales of Cool Ryders,
Femidoms and Life Choice
Condom Demonstrations
and training provided.
(063) 2225128
Potter's House
[Orphanage for children affected/
infected by HIV/AIDS
Mr. Otto (063) 222068

RACE contact details:
Mrs. E. Hyman: Race Coordinator
Ministry of Education
P/Bag 2160
Tel: 063-227 066
Fax: 063-223 800
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